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Why choose Odoo E-commerce?

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What is Odoo E-Commerce? (definition) 

Odoo E-Commerce builds custom E-Commerce websites and creates custom designs for product pages to showcase your business in a unique way.

It is easily adaptable and will be automatically updated with your inventory and customer management system.

When using Odoo, you can integrate your website with an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP System), a Content Management System (CMS), and Customer Relation Management (CRM) to control everything on your e-commerce website.

It has amazing features. You can use it to promote your products in a unique way, like:

  • Professional themes
  • Online editing
  • online form builder.
  • mullite stores e-commerce.
  • Analysis of sales data.

What are the Prons of Odoo E-Commerce?

Odoo E-Commerce has a lot of pros to make your e-commerce website achieve business objectives and marketing objectives.

Design & Configure

If your e-commerce makes customers happy, they will buy from your website.

It happens when you make the user experience easy and simple. It is available now on the Odoo e-commerce website with Odoo design and configuration:

Online editing: Odoo e-commerce creates unique product pages without using coding.

Word processor text editing without a programmer: you can create and update your content on an e-commerce website with Odoo e-commerce 

Building blocks system: You can now build and update your product page from the ground up by dragging and dropping pre-made elements without a web designer.

Price lists, products, and stores: Don’t worry about pricing changes, because you can create flexible price lists, add variants to products’ options, and create multiple stores under one environment.

Multi-store eCommerce: Everything is available with Odoo e-commerce. You can launch and manage multiple e-commerce stores with a unique design, language, currency, and price list.

Online form builder: Build appealing custom web forms and easily capture visitors’ information, then use it to create an offer for customers.

Professional themes: Change themes in a few clicks, and browse through Odoo’s catalog of ready-to-use themes available in our app store

integrated tools

When you buy the Odoo ERP System, you can integrate it with any tool you need to use.

Cross-selling and upselling: Odoo e-commerce makes it easy to suggest optional products related to items to increase your revenues.

Promotional or coupon codes: Odoo e-commerce Encourages your customers to use promo codes and coupons to increase sales.

Options to boost sales: Define product categories, use attribute search, focus on promotions, coupons, or gift certificates and push the best products to the top of your page in order to multiply your sales

Abandoned carts: Search, mail, and launch marketing automation on abandoned carts to convert them into orders.

Shopping experience 

A successful e-commerce website makes the shopping experience easy.

If you need to make your own website, you should use Odoo e-commerce. It helps in that mission with:

Easy search system: Make finding products easier by setting attributes on products (size, colour, power, etc.).

Live chat embedded: Odoo E-Commerce makes you interact with customers through live chat.

Customer onboarding: Set up step-by-step instructions to help customers go to checkout with no blocking issues.

Easy checkout process: Simple checkout to avoid losing clients.

Customer Portal: Access tracking of orders, advanced shipping rules, and return management through the customer portal.

Guest & registered user: Your customers on the website can choose to create a user profile or check-in as guests. Registered users can retrieve their contact information upon check out and access a portal including related messages, orders, invoices, registered claims, etc.

Order review: See details of your order at the end of the process.

Payment and shipping methods

Customers need a secure payment method to complete their purchases.

If you don’t have many secure payments on your website, you will lose customers.

Odoo E-commerce solves this problem by

Fully integrated: Allow customers to pay with PayPal, Orgone, Adyen, Buckaroo, Authorize.net, and SIPS Worldline. 

Online payment methods redirect customers to a ‘Thank you’ page on your website.

Other payment methods: Odoo e-commerce Creates payment methods like bank transfers or checks to offer more options to your customers.

Create shipping rules: Define rules to calculate the cost of delivery based on weight and more criteria.

Shipping methods: Speed up your shipment process and track your order from Odoo with DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, and La Poste shipping connectors.

Billing and accounting

When you ask an e-commerce business owner what’s the least favorite part of their job, most will say “accounting.”

If you need to control it, you should use Odoo e-commerce because it offers many solutions by 

Calculate & bill shipping costs: Get delivery costs computed automatically using Odoo’s embedded delivery method configurator.

Tax rates: Fiscal positions allow you to adapt tax rates to the whereabouts of your customers.

Chart of accounts: Use the Custom package template to build your own chart of accounts.

It embeds a set of generic present accounts, taxes, and more.

Integrated accounting package: Odoo’s chart of accounts contains national taxes, fiscal positions, accounts.


You can overtake your competitors with the power of dates and reporting.

Odoo e-commerce helps you overtake your competitors by reporting and analyzing data.

Sales data analytics: Highlight the best product in terms of the quantity sold and Find the best customer in terms of revenue.

Display a graph with your monthly sales per product and add it to your dashboard.

Dashboard: The next actions to do are available on the dashboard: orders to invoicing, payments to receive, shoppers to revive, etc.

New KPIs: Track your eCommerce KPIs: conversion rate (cart to order), average cart amount, best sellers, etc.


Odoo e-commerce is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms.

It helps every type of e-commerce website achieve great profits with its many features.

It has success keys for your e-commerce website.

Use Odoo e-commerce now to achieve your business objectives.

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