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Is There a relation between Digital Marketing and ERP systems?

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How do you, as a business owner, consider any business success? Indeed, you encounter many business breakdowns including high turnover, unorganized workflow, rush sales time, and stockouts. But if you need to maintain business stability, you should implement an ERP system, as you’ll have a powerful and profitable combination.

Let’s take the marketing department as a real example to identify how the ERP system could achieve satisfaction for both sides; customer facing and back-office functions.

You’re still hesitant! Focus here, and read the 5 key reasons to use ERP.

1- Know your product well.

Before introducing a new product to the market, you should have a detailed product description and insights for the next period of time, and according to the market research, you’ll conceptualize if the consumers openly accept or refuse the product!

Using ERP in the launching phase helps you uncover many opportunities, including;

-Peak sales time

-Pricing structure

-Sales achievements

-Customer complaints and reviews

2- Customization is the best choice.

Did you know that 63% of customers expect personalized messages? ERP aids in conveying the marketing message to the targeted customer base and allows you to know the best channels to use, and you also tweak the marketing approach according to different circumstances.

3- Pricing structure is very important.

After specifying the product you need to offer, you should set the price according to customers’ preferences, and be sure that good prices contribute to customer acquisition and higher sales volume.

4- What about sales?

Sales are just numbers, but ERP systems help you to get the latest insights about who your customers are. And what are their preferences and needs?

You have to test which prices motivate the purchase decision, accordingly, tailor campaigns to appeal to your target audience, and maintain your bottom line at the same time.

5- Measure campaign effectiveness.

ERP System aids to achieve overwhelming success in the long run, and the right ERP software helps to gauge qualified leads to overall sales, and it also identifies:

-High-value potential leads

-Quick-selling products

-Effectiveness of promotional strategies

-Response of audiences towards campaigns

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