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How does ERP Shapes The Media Industry?

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What is your favorite movie? And how do you get attracted to it? There’re many criteria the users depend on while they are watching or listening to! After COVID-19, the media production and entertainment industry are developing in a rapid way and encountered a great evolution recently.

Actually, most media production companies rely on various systems to convey the film, song, play, or even program in a high-quality view. And when it comes to systems, we should consider “ERP systems”, as they are more sophisticated systems and aid in meeting challenges and complexities.

The media industry is like any other field; it needs better management and integration, just to reach better results, and the ERP system is an essential tool to facilitate the media and communication industry. It integrates all departments with each other, and activities as well, including; broadcasting, advertising, ticketing, subscriptions, and accounting.

Let’s get a broader view of how ERP helps media and entertainment companies.

1- Advertising management

Did you know that advertisements are revenue drivers? It helps to produce in a better way.

The more advertisements you get, the more revenues you’ll attain; thus, media leaders can achieve lucrative results in the short term.

ERP manages multiple stuff like; ad spots, inventory management, broadcasts, and bills and payments.

2- CRM

ERP aids media companies to convey a broad image to the audience (subscribers), and providing them a real-time view, and it also reinforces customer engagement whether it is inbound or outbound advertising.

3- Employee management

The ERP system is crucial to better managing employees’ performance in the company through various KPIs like; Employee records, attendance, payrolls, and employee benefits.

4- Financial management

If you have a media production company and need to manage financial issues in a good and clear way! So, the ERP system is a high-end solution that supports accounting and financial departments. ERP keeps your finance in order.

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