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Expectations VS Reality in E-Commerce and ERP.

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Have you ever thought about linking your e-commerce with an ERP system?

If you’re a business owner, implementing an ERP system is a valuable decision you will never regret, as it will help you scale your business, increase your customer base, and eventually redouble profits.

One of the major myths that discourage business owners from using ERP systems is that it costs too much, but actually using an ERP system is deemed an asset you should invest in and successfully reap its rewards.

The second myth is unpredictable! Business owners believe that using an ERP system is a waste of time and effort, in the real world, the more time the employees take in ERP training, the more outcomes you’re expected to achieve in the long term.

Actually, the ERP system has two types of users:

Internal (Employees):

 ERP facilitates internal tasks and automates technical operations. Especially when you link the e-commerce website with an ERP system, it helps you achieve profitable outcomes. It also allows decision-makers to forecast product pricing, follow-up inventory shortages, and consider purchase power in different circumstances.

External (Users/Consumers):

From the second user perspective, they try a smooth and interesting online shopping experience every day. E-commerce provides many privileges to consumers, including, for instance,

Users get notified at every stage in the purchase journey. Once the consumer clicks on the payment button, they will be updated with the expected delivery time, shipping, and POS options if there are any offers or vouchers for the next purchase.

Consumers can save time and money as e-commerce is available 24/7/365. They have broad choices of different product categories with a detailed description of every item, including benefits, warranty, sizes, etc.

However, the prices have been raised in recent times, but e-commerce still dominates the retail market and provides special prices and offers to consumers. 

Unfortunately, there is no time to think twice! The ERP System is a premium asset for your business!

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