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Beyond E-Commerce: Unprecedented Results Are About To Come!

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Are you wondering why sales managers are always under permanent stress? Let’s imagine that you have a sales team and didn’t achieve the agreed target. Unfortunately, this affects the company’s overall performance and the brand image in front of competitors.

In recent years, and especially after COVID 19, a dramatic change has taken place in consumer behavior. And “E-Commerce’’ proves its presence strongly in the Egyptian market; thus, companies and merchants achieve huge gains!

1-Tracking consumers

Tracking consumers is one of the main privileges that e-commerce offers through well-established tracking software, and this advantage helps companies follow the detailed steps of the consumer inside the website, in terms of the product’s type, shipment, delivery, payment, etc. And this eventually increases the probability of the customers’ retention and retargets them more and more!

Statistics by Harvard Business School proved that retention of 5% of current customers could increase profits by a percentage ranging from 25% to 95%.

2-Follow-up and Analysis

E-commerce helps you retarget your current customers according to their purchase behavior. Some consumers are attracted to trendy products or those who are curious to know more about new offers and discounts. According to the consumers’ analysis, you can choose the most suitable way for each segment. You can target consumers with different marketing messages, through online ads, Whatsapp messages, or even SMS.

3-Get more payment options

Which payment option do you prefer, cash or Visa? Fortunately, e-commerce facilitates the payment process for consumers, and now they have many payment solutions ranging between cash, credit card, and installment payment options like Valu!

4-Consumers always win

Building a strong rapport with consumers is one of the most fundamental features of the e-commerce system. Creating a friendly-to-use website, and also through the chatbot, aids consumers if they have further inquiries about specific products, or even about payment options. The more competitive features you have, the more ideal customers you will retain.

E-commerce is not a new phenomenon; however, it is deemed a successful system as it aids companies to be aware of the consumer’s behavior, and accordingly, the company presents its products and services in a way that perfectly fits consumers’ needs. And amongst the different challenges faced by e-commerce-based companies, around 44% of brands seek to achieve the most profitable results through controlling the consumer’s experience and setting different prices based on customer’s needs and seasonality like Black Friday and Valentine’s Day.

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